The Mammoth Epic Western Grande Toure de Force 2014

This tour was a serious biggie,
some of it a little unplanned. The upshot was 99 days out (that's 14 weeks plus 1 day!), 16 different states, 30 different camps, and ~16,000 miles (~25,750 kilometers), or more than 5x across the United States and back, probably half of that towing Rosie the Quicksilver 8.1 tent trailer, our tiny rolling motel (Wherever Rose Is, is Home). We will probably never try anything on this scale again. It was wearing, sometimes trying, but fun.

There are an awful lot of pictures (more than 1,650), but they actually have been edited (and reprocessed for maximum quality I hope) from more than 4,000 original exposures! They are in chronological order for the most part, but you may notice that many are dated 2013. I did not realize until I got home that I had, at some point, set the wrong year on my brand new Nikon P7800. I tried to fix it in my computer, but changing the year in my finder was not the same as changing the year on the exif data, and changing it in Flickr turns out to be a thundering nuisance. So just bear in mind that no matter what the data says, ALL the pictures were made in Twenty Fourteen! :D
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