Quaker City, Ohio

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    The Quaker City Dynamic Duo are at it again. This time a logging truck gets to spend time getting weighed on the side of the road.
    Those objects on the road in front of Mr. Scale Master are the portable electronic scales. Each axle will be weighed.

    1. shog 34 months ago | reply

      Aren't there scales just west of there anyway ?

    2. Bob McGilvray Jr. 34 months ago | reply

      Scott Here's the deal...many trucks including myself have to come all the way here to use the CAT scale, otherwise it's out of route into West Virginia at Dallas Pike. They can easily get me here as well. This is the 193, the scales are at the 174, I think. So it's an easy catch for these guys. In fact, I shot this while pulling off the CAT scale.

    3. shog 34 months ago | reply

      Ah ok that makes sense then, I've seen them working that area myself. I used to drive through there quite often,

    4. Bob McGilvray Jr. 34 months ago | reply

      Here's another time I was able to get a picture of them in QC.
      Birds of prey

    5. oilman29 34 months ago | reply

      If the road is not perfectly level the scales will not read correctly. Think about it, if the truck was standing on the tailgate how much weight would be on the front wheels, none! So insist that the truck be weighed in both directions then average the numbers other wise forget it.

    6. bfaling 34 months ago | reply

      For what they pay those guys to harass truckers they can easily just keep the road in repair.

    7. Outlaw 13 34 months ago | reply

      I do not believe you can get weighed both directions , telling the DOT anything is almost impossible . They are right & debating with them makes the pull-over only worse ! I was told by an Ohio State Trooper that if he pulls over a semi-truck he must write a ticket & not a warning ticket ! So , in Ohio if you get pulled over expect a ticket !!
      This is somewhat not nice , since a driver has no idea on his weights until he can weigh the truck & trailer & they know this ! But , I also think if a driver went to court over this he might stand a chance of beating the ticket , depending on where he got loaded at !

    8. bob from dublin 34 months ago | reply

      Interesting stuff.

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