Quaker City, Ohio

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    Some lessons are "Earned" the hard way. Now we all, truckers that is, have made our share of mistakes, most go un noticed. but some take center stage. This poor guy learned today that fresh white unplowed snow could mean a soft muddy surface. I actually feel bad for him, the pull out will no doubt cost at least $400 dollars if not more. This is a gas station, the truck stop is up the road!

    1. Gen X Rail Media 27 months ago | reply

      Did he get lost trying to find the "bookstore?"

    2. Gen X Rail Media 27 months ago | reply

      Lotta road trips back in the day...

    3. Introvert AZ Nerd 27 months ago | reply

      Oh I know that bookstore on the south side of the interstate, but no self respecting trucker ever goes in there!

    4. Introvert AZ Nerd 27 months ago | reply

      He might had been avoiding an amish carriage, I got stuck behind one for over a mile.

    5. Quackademic 27 months ago | reply

      Another Werner rookie bitten by inexperience and lack of directions! Had one take off my drivers side mirrors in the now closed T/A at Ashland, Ohio on I-71 and US# 250! She was driving for Werner in pajamas and slippers, in a rush to get out of the parking lot and follow some big stud she met at suppertime! I bet Werner was not impressed by all of my point and shoot images with a Kodak of her Kodak moment with the County Mountie Sgt. from the bomb squad that I had talked with over supper! My Safety Supvr. roared when he got the prints and signed my expense account for the new mirror parts!

    6. Outlaw 13 27 months ago | reply

      Yes we all learn lessons , but for most they are not this obvious of a lesson ! Thank goodness for werner , they are atleast entertaining out on the road !! LOL

    7. Trains & Trails 27 months ago | reply

      Don't truckers carry some things to get them out if they get stuck, like maybe a few bags of sand or even a few pieces of wood to put under the tires?

    8. Quackademic 27 months ago | reply

      Rigs that run West into the mountains must carry tire chains by state law! But they are illegal in Ontario! I carried chains many miles and never got to use them! I doubt those rookies for Werner, et al , would not know how to chain up, and that they are to only be used to get you down off the mountain, not to drive on them indefinitely! I have locked up the differentials to increase traction in deep snow, then one time it would not disengage due to the mechanism was frozen up! Had to get that bulldog inside a garage in North Winnipeg to thaw it out! those Mack's have a buzzer that lets you know constantly the diffs are locked. From North of Superior to Winnipeg, I was very deaf by the time I delivered and got to the Rentway franchise!

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