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Hi girls


I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my corset video.It was fun doing it. I had a lot of questions asked and I haven't answered them all, but maybe I can do that here.


The corset I put on was from glamour boutique a few years ago. It is 26". Their corsets cost less now, so I don't know if the quality is the same. The corset I usually wear when I go out is a Hoss. It is 28" and I have it on in the picture above. It was $200 and well worth the money. Hoss calls it their waist cincher. My advice to anyone wanting to buy a corset is to buy a waist cincher first. It's not as hard on the ribs and easier to move around in. Also, when starting to wear a corset, buy one 4" smaller than your waist. Take it slow and don't try to tighten it right away. Work up to it.


My normal waist size is 34" and I can reduce my waist to 26, but I have been wearing corsets a long time and have always had the capability of wearing something tight around my waist. I can wear my Hoss corset 24/7 and do any activity I want. The 26" I modeled, I can wear for a full evening of dancing without any problem. But that's pushing it. I'm 6'2" tall185 lb. Measurements without corset is 40-34-40. My long legs have a 36" inseam. AND yes, I am 66 years old. I have my medicare card to prove it. You can tell from my video, that my voice isn't feminine and I'm too tall to pass as a woman. But I enjoy going out and people I meet know I'm a guy in a dress, but I found out that if you look your very best and act confident and smile a lot, people will smile back and like you for what you are. They will often times be curious. Which is fine with me. I love talking about who I am.



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Taken on December 1, 2011