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Santa Monica Beach Reflections

After seeing PatrickSmithPhotography's shot of the ferris wheel I figured I should go there and give it a try. After all, I live about 10 miles from there. This was really fun as I got into my head that I had to capture the reflection of the ferris wheel on the wet sand. At first, I set up the tripod so that I could take the shots without getting wet. As the evening progressed, I got more into it, and wanted a complete reflection. By the time I was done I was ankle deep in the water, and when the waves came had to hold the tripod to make sure it didn't get washed away. By the end of the evening I was soaking wet and freezing (the water here is still cold), but happy with all the shots I got. Now I have to try to find the nice ones. This is one of the earlier ones in the evening while the orange glow of the sunset was still fairly strong.


Photomatix details enhancer using -2, 0, +2 exposures.



- noise reduction in the sky using surface blur

- unsharp mask with 140 radius but not on the sunset part or sky.

- shadow/highlights to recover detail in the pier.

- blue filter on the top part of the sky and part of the foreground water, which photomatix had made grey.

- desaturate and lighten the white water.

- curves for contrast.

- slight color dodge at the end of the pier.

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Taken on March 28, 2009