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Something in Common

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Another Danboard, I used a 200 mm lens. It's the same drawing and same small piece of paper than PvsC 38 (below), but it's another photo. I placed it in a different environment...


I titled it "Something in Common" because in French "leaf" and "sheet" are both named "feuille"... I also wanted to suggest an opposition between technology (the tiny robot) and nature (the leaf). Nature is everywhere, the robot is a fictive representation. Magritte might have said: "this is not a robot", it's only an image of it... =)


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(The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10)



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Ben's Imaginary Friend


A poem by Katie Gabrielle


Wake up

And you will see

My imaginary friend

sleeping next to me

Made of paper

And of ink

knows every

Single little thought

that I think

Out the door

A brand new day

Imaginary friend

come out and play

Winter, Spring, Summer Fall

Imaginary friend

Drives me up the wall

Little square head

Don't you know

Look both ways at the cross walk

Before you go

Yellow Red and Green

Imaginary friend

Crosses and makes a scene

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Taken on November 18, 2010