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Be Unique!

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I recently took this photo in the South of France. I was walking in a huge

sunflower field and I saw that flower on the left, different, special, unique!


The above picture has been shot with the Samsung NX10



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You Are My Sunflower


A poem by Peter S. Quinn


You are my sunflower

On every rainy day

When golden shine shower

Comes pouring down my way

And tomorrow shall be

Something we look for

Whatever for you and me

That open's a times door


A love song of distance

To carry us further on

And giving opportunities chance

Before our summer is gone

Each love that we bring

Through the bouquets of love

That in our heart shall sing

When rainclouds are far above


You are my sunflower

And you make me believe

Every minute and hour

There’s somewhere relieve

From worlds worrying heart

And the aloofness of war

For my feelings you'll start

From wherever you now are





Be Unique


A poem by Katie Gabrielle


Be yourself

And just be you

follow your star

And sunflower too

Golden rays

From sun on high

Be unique

Stand tall and proud

Be yourself

Don't follow the crowd

Happiness is a sunflower field

Full of color, hopes and dreams

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Taken on July 27, 2010