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"Niuma" Class Modular Light Cargo Shuttle (Exploded)

With the unprecedented performance of the "Firedemon" engine modules developed for the "Oni" and "Ryu" starfighter, Tanuki Corp. began to target segments of the spacecraft market previously unexplored by the company.


The inaugural offering from this new line of Modular Spacecraft, the "Niuma" (Japanese for "Packhorse") Class Light Cargo Shuttle proved a very reliable and popular intra-solar-system delivery vehicle for Galactic Handling and Logistics (GHL) as well as other parcel delivery companies.


With a crew compliment of two, a spacious cargo area and large rear loading door/ramp, the features are utilitarian but accommodating enough to endear it in the hearts of those who fly it.


The new module format lends itself to many configurations ranging from this light cargo shuttle, to passenger shuttles, luxury space yachts, and large public transport craft as well as military applications such as gunboats and dropships. The highly configurable/customizable nature has also attracted the attention of smugglers and bounty hunters as well, though most render the factory parts nearly unrecognizable, being surrounded by aftermarket and/or one-off custom modules built to personal spec.


It seemed the next logical extension of the Modular Starfighter system to branch out into larger spacefaring craft. This first design leans heavily on the look of Star Trek shuttles, with engine nacelles akimbo, sloping front windscreen and angled rear access. Just as was the case with the Modular Starfighter, I foresee a lot of variations/expansions of this new platform.


LDD Files

- "Niuma" Class Modular Light Cargo Shuttle (GHL Livery)

- "Niuma" Class Modular Light Cargo Shuttle (color-coded modules)

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Uploaded on February 26, 2012