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"Watashimori" Class Passenger Shuttle

Evolving out of the versatile modular platform introduced in the "Niuma" Class Light Cargo Shuttle, the "Watashimori" (Japanese for "Ferryman") features, in addition to the cockpit, step-up collar and rear access hatch from its predecessor, a cabin compartment accommodating 12 passengers with bulkhead pressure doors at either end and four "Firedemon" engines connected via a new wing module for clearance/visibility.


An order of five shuttles painted to match the livery of Finland Spacelines offers service from Helsinki Spaceport to ISS 5, 7 and 9 as well as the Lunar colony located at the Sea of Tranquility every 45 minutes during peak hours. Contact Finland Spacelines Customer Service for off-peak timetables or download them straight into your neural cortical implant by thinking "Finland Spacelines Off-peak Schedule" now.


LDD Files

- "Watashimori" Class Modular Passenger Shuttle (Finland Spacelines Livery)

- "Watashimori" Class Passenger Shuttle (Exploded View)

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Uploaded on March 1, 2012