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two hundred and forty eight

i realize i take a lot of photographs at my windowsill but i spend a lot of time sitting here, looking out the window, using the sill as a table for my computer, or for a place to write. it's perfect when sitting at my ottoman.


i've added notes to the photo so you know what is almost always sitting on my windowsill.


sometimes i feel captured in the small moments.


the light of a cigarette.

the dusting of a plant.

falling leaves.

falling dreams.


then i am snapped back, into a place of reality and despair.


so you guys know, tomorrow is photograph your day day. i did it two years ago and the photos from that day are a set on here. maybe you should do it too. just spend a day documenting your day in photographs!


i didn't do it last year, i was in portland having a mental breakdown. it was terrible and beautiful at the same time. i'm glad it's not documented though.


day two hundred and seventy eight.

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Uploaded on May 18, 2010