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119/365 - acceptance of reality | by rashardw
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119/365 - acceptance of reality

Dec 21, 2011


It's so easy for us to sit back and dwell on things we can't change.. So easy for us to sit and wallow in self pity or make excuses as to why we aren't where we want to be in life.


But it requires true strength to understand and accept our reality. It requires even more internal fortitude to recognize the flaws in our reality and take steps to change.


We need to understand that our reality is a reflection of the decisions WE have made. It's a manifestation of the left and right turns that we've made in life. Some like to call it the "butterfly effect" others like to say, "you made your bed, now lie in it." If you've done wrong by others, or haven't done right by yourself, how do you expect good things to happen to you? Luck? Sorry, but the universe doesn't work that way in my experience.


It's simply an understanding of simple cause and effect. I tell my boys almost daily, "Opportunity isn't given, it's made.." You must put yourself in a position to have an opportunity afforded to you. But that requires hard work and preparation. If you're not in a position to receive an opportunity, then it won't present itself.


For example, how will I ever get my photographic work seen by someone that could potentially commission me as a photographer if I don't have a strong enough folio and hone my technical skills or have my work posted? I must do all that hard work prior to having an opportunity presented to me. I must put myself in a position to receive that opportunity.


So I say, if you don't like the reality that you live in, start making changes day by day so that when you turn around, you have ultimately "changed your reality."


You really have no choice but to accept your CURRENT reality, but that doesn't mean you can't take steps to change your reality of tomorrow.

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Taken on March 2, 2012