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85/365 - I am NOT a Narcissist | by rashardw
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85/365 - I am NOT a Narcissist

Nov 17, 2011


For those that think it's easy to come up w/ a self portrait daily, it's NOT because I am NOT a narcissist..


I do love myself, or embrace the things I can't change, I should say.. But there are times when I don't even know myself or what I'm capable of. I can be a different person and untrue to myself. I battle with that "other me" at times and feel there is a "war between the sides" internally at times.


I've really been interested in the history of self portraits. Once again, call it OCD if you will..


I got the idea of this image because I've been looking at and reading about the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and my favorite Frida Khalo and reading about the way their self studies not only helped them with learning about different aspects of their art like defining their styles, further studies of light and the human form, experimentation of technique, or even founding a new period in art, but it was therapeutic to the artist as well.. Artists that did self portraits were often mistaken for being narcissistic when in actuality they were just working on their craft, or battling depression (such as the case w/ Van Gogh).


Take Frida for example, she was in a horrific automotive accident when she was young and battled pain throughout her whole life. She often depicted herself mutilated or in a surreal state to help others understand her pain visually..


The ability to evoke emotion of someone viewing something you've created is so powerful. That defines art in my eyes. There is an undeniable synergy between the artist and the viewer when they actually can FEEL the artist's intent of an image without them spelling it out..


That is my aim from this point forward.. I think these past few days of learning and seeking more knowledge of the history of this type of project have helped me redefine my style and my view of art.. This is not just a "shoot a picture a day" project for me.. It never has been.. It's truly an adventure for me and I hope you continue along with me.


A new period has begun.


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