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55/365 - Dr. Digital | by rashardw
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55/365 - Dr. Digital

Oct 18, 2011


I make my own music.. I don't dance to the beat of someone else's drum.


I was the kid beating on the cafeteria tables and beat boxing during the freestyle cyphers in high school.. I was always more likely to remember a song from the beat than the lyrics. I've always had an ear for instrumentation and melody.


I took that love for music and computers and combined them. I normally make my beats in Reason, and record vocals and mix/master in Cubase, although I do use VSTs as well if the song calls for it... I've been truly producing now for 6 years..


Like my other love, photography, I'm constantly improving and constantly practicing.


I've worked w/ quite a few artists, some good, some bad, but all were made better after working w/ "The Doc".. Whether it be vocal production, improving their recording process, providing beats to flow/sing over, music industry consulting, mixing/mastering services, etc. I pride myself on helping artists improve in any area they're deficient..


One of the most known artists, and one that I devote most of my time to, Big Suave, "The Mayor of Oak Cliff Texas", aka "Suave Burgandy" is commonly found in my studio's booth..


Shameless plug:

Facebook -


Be on the lookout for projects coming from the dynamic duo.. The Digital Campaign is coming..


But until then, be on the lookout for Mayor Music Mondays every Monday.. (like his facebook page for releases of our videos and music)


Check us out during this recording of his BET Sprite Hot 16.. Us acting our normal foolish selves.. Having fun and enjoying life.. (I also do video)


Strobist Info:

Canon 550 EX through 24" cheetah softbox 1/16 camera right overhead


Canon 550 EX bare 1/64 power camera left


Canon 430 EX II bare behind model w/ Double Blue Rosco Gel 1/32 power zoomed to 50mm


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Taken on October 19, 2011