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cute expression!

Caterina, Armand Marseille 390 Caterina's sweet face Polly, Armand Marseille 327 chubby cheeks! Mitzi, Simon & Halbig 1039 w/flirty eyes Mitzi again Mitzi's lovely face S&H 1039 "flirty eyes" little stunner S&H 1039 Helga (Otto Reinecke, circa 1910) sooo cuddly!! I LOVE her face!! Grete (Simon & Halbig for Wiesenthal, Schindel & Kallenberg) Grete cute expression! Theresa, Heubach 312 for SUR Theresa again Heubach 312 SUR Eloise again!

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☆Cydril☆ says:

Beautiful collection!
Especially your kestner 168, what a sweetheart!
Posted 100 months ago. ( permalink )

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Happydolls says:

I have no words! It is marvelous!! Have got a great pleasure with your beautiful dolls, thank you!
(May be one day I will shoot all my antique dolls too...)
Posted 97 months ago. ( permalink )

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lmldolz says:

What a WONDERFUL doll collection you have!!! You must be proud! They are all fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Posted 91 months ago. ( permalink )

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