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Cupid Has Fled

2007, Oil on Masonite board. (3/8” thick cradled.) 18”x 24”. To be framed.


One of most popular artists’ subjects is Cupid and Psyche; this is my interpretation of the story: Psyche disobeys Cupid’s order not to uncover his identity. She disobeyed, and he fled. I’ve seen many 19th century paintings of the subject. This is my modern version.


The model again is gorgeous Lindsay as Psyche and my second rendition of the lamp that fascinates me, acquired at the local thrift shop a few years ago.


This is my second attempt to incorporate two light sources, and it worked better this time. The improvement was the reduced power of the second light, the lamp. The two equally strong lights clashed in “Lindsay in the Sunset”. The sheer blue cloth allows an orange light from the lamp to show through, providing a nice bridge between cool and warm. I also really like her pose. I’ve changed the anatomy here and there, in order to make the figure aesthetically more pleasing.

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Uploaded on May 4, 2010