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    I've never eaten at this small neighborhood restaurant, but I've always wondered a bit about the odd depiction of the supposed proprietor! Why does he have a camera around his neck?
    For the Signs Thread! in Everything is Beautiful.

    1. Janet 59 61 months ago | reply

      ROFL - I don't think I'd be inclined to trust his food!

    2. dicktay2000 61 months ago | reply

      I think you should try it, at least once.
      + smile +
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      Signs Thread!

    3. Tabbi Kat - Busy, busy! 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Janet. That must be why I've never eaten there!
      Richard, perhaps I can find someone else who's eaten there first.

    4. bulldog1 61 months ago | reply

      The best pizza we have had is a place that is called Ole& Lena's but serves pizza and Italian foods which Ole @ Lena would never eat....LOL. They might have the camera there as they might have security cameras ? Or it's a pizzeria like the delicious place 14 miles from here in a town so small you can't see it. Great capture.
      P.S. The guy looks to be going to the beach so perhaps it's an underwater camera or the owner could be on flickr?
      I saw this in:
      *Everything is Beautiful*

    5. Tabbi Kat - Busy, busy! 61 months ago | reply

      Oh, Suzy, I love that! My friend owns a gift shop that sells Scandinavian imports and she's always telling Ole and Lena jokes.
      As for this guy, he does seem to be dressed for the beach, an odd choice it seems to me. I'm too timid to go in and ask questions, but I have a friend who would have no problem quizzing the staff about the picture. Perhaps I can get her to join me there for lunch.

    6. 2-Dog-Farm 61 months ago | reply

      or you could pick up a local guide to restaurants and see if anyone has posted a good review.

    7. Tabbi Kat - Busy, busy! 61 months ago | reply

      Good thinking, Marin. I checked on-line for reviews. It seems it's a great place to take teen-age boys, the portions are huge and the prices are cheap. The hamburger is a whole pound of beef! I think I'll pass, but I still like their sign!

    8. snowy4052002 61 months ago | reply

      I say try it and if bad then just never go back--but it is a cute sign

    9. fauxto_digit 61 months ago | reply

      That's funny, there has to be an inside joke there somewhere ~

    10. jwakanmorgans 61 months ago | reply

      I agree there's something more to the sign that we're not seeing. LOL

    11. Tabbi Kat - Busy, busy! 61 months ago | reply

      I agree, there must be an inside joke here!

    12. captain.magnificent 61 months ago | reply

      OMG, that's right down the street from where I grew up. This used to be Durango's, I think was the name. They had the best pan pizza. Haven't been there since they changed...

    13. Tabbi Kat - Busy, busy! 61 months ago | reply

      Close; "DeRango's, the Pizza King". There are still three DeRango's in town, but the one on High Street has been gone for years. We used to eat there occasionally when I was a kid.

    14. captain.magnificent 61 months ago | reply

      That's it. I just remember it being really dark and dingy inside, with yellow stained glass lights. I wonder what it's like now...

    15. ruthug08(on and off ) 61 months ago | reply

      i think there are "pizzzerias" all over the world..:-)

    16. fototakerSF ~ it's warm now! [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      i would just ask to find out - i like funny, strange thangs and often wonder why this or dat. so, instead of wundering, now I just ask!! yes, perhaps the "owner" is a photography buff?

    17. Hot Pepper Dave 57 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cafes, Coffee Houses, Burger Joints, Food Carts., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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