Who was that street named after? Oh, so that's what he looks like!

Some people like looking at portraits in general, some are looking for pictures to illustrate personal or school projects... whatever your reasons, we hope you enjoy these ones, some of the pictures in our extensive Special Collections . These images, as well as books, maps and ephemera, are all held by the Toronto Public Library.

For this set, we have selected people who have been important to our city’s and in Ontario’s past. There's lots more online in our Digital Archive!

To see more items like this, come to the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 2G8 tel: 416-393-7156) or visit our Digital Archive.

For example, you can download or read a PDF online of a first-hand account of people's lives, (autobiographies, (biographies or (settlers' handbooks).

You can also order order print or high-resolution images from the library.
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