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In between everything else I did today, I also gathered all my books and put them in one place. My original bookcase. It was full of boxes and stuff (re: moving house). Not a pleasant sight to wake up to. Moving is always messy.
Now when I wake up, I will see my books instead of those boxes.
My old bookcase, which won't come with me to the house, is now home to moving crap.

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  1. MyFineGarden 63 months ago | reply

    Haha, I just commented on your book cover shot, before reading the shout out to me. I'm so happy that I could give you the idea. You inspire me always. =)

  2. angelich22 63 months ago | reply

    hey karin, I absolutely love this photo! If I could right now, I would buy your book. Could I ask you to take a photo of your whole bookcase just so we can see like the whole effect?

  3. ♥ honeybee photography ♥ [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

    ive always wanted a bookcase in my house!, and yours looks lovely! :)

  4. Karin Elizabeth fotografie (karinelips.nl) 63 months ago | reply

    I would but as I'm in the process of moving, a lot of my books have already been boxed up (so there is no full effect really haha). It's going to take some time, but I promise as soon as I have my books in their new home & book case, I'll snap a nice wide photo so you can see the whole thing :)

  5. carola's look 62 months ago | reply

    Je hebt aardig veel boeken ;)

  6. *lisadoll* 62 months ago | reply

    cuteeeeee..........i see HP!!!!

  7. Karin Elizabeth fotografie (karinelips.nl) 62 months ago | reply

    Yup, and near my hand you'll even spot Beedle the Bard ;)

  8. julisseus 62 months ago | reply

    This is a goon picture.

  9. julisseus 62 months ago | reply

    I mean a good picture, of course.

  10. nicolasv 62 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called bored or border // only the best // invite only, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  11. Chris[topher] Lin 62 months ago | reply

    That is a lot of books. Neat-o blurb book!

  12. Bone Silence [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

    jealous..of your book collection :)

  13. Karin Elizabeth fotografie (karinelips.nl) 62 months ago | reply

    I'm always trying (for me) new authors. Ayn Rand will be included in the years to come, I'm sure. I have a huge wishlist! Haha. But first, I'm getting acquainted with Steinbeck, and more of Woolf and Murakami.

  14. i didn't mean to go to Stoke 60 months ago | reply

    great taste and a sign of a good intelligence

  15. Cream Cheese Lotus 54 months ago | reply

    having a bookcase full of beatiful books is soothing to me. a wonderful way to wake up!

  16. meajssfhdiufnijnjvcdfhjmcd [deleted] 52 months ago | reply


  17. barbara carneiro 48 months ago | reply

    i have a kind of compulsion about putting my books in order.

  18. smallcat1 [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

    Very nice ! :)

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