Nice Collapsible DIY Softbox! (110x67cm)

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    1. Eenimon 35 months ago | reply

      Front Diffuser - evenly lit, thanks to the well designed curve that reflects the light from many points

      The softbox is completely foldable


      What you'll need:
      1) strong and opaque but lightweight black cloth. You can figure out how much, if you calculate with the dimensions given on the templates.
      2) 3 or 4 windshield reflectors (calculate the quantity given the size of the reflectors and the dimensions on the template)
      3) a sewing machine
      4) 4 small and short plastic tubes or injection needle top covers
      5) 4 steel rods, 3mm diameter, 69cm long

      1) Cut the black cloth and the reflectors carefully down to the size and shape on the template. (I printed the template out on several sheets, in original size and joint them together, then cut the shape out and used the paper model to cut the cloth - most printing software can split-print a large design)

      2) sew the reflectors and and the cloth together, to shape the tent
      (sewing skills required)

      3) You need to sew the plastic things to the outer corners of the tent, to make the rods stick there and keep the tent in shape:

      Note that this has to be sewn/fixed really strong on the tent, because the whole tension of the rods will push into the caps.

      4) If you want you can sew velcro pieces (hook-and-loop fastener) to the frame (opening) of the softbox, to be able to attach a diffusor. I would recommend a white silk-looking textile (some synthetic material that is both transparent and diffusing enough)

      Is made of wood. Build a good wooden box and wire the electricity cords to the lamp holders like this:

      Please note that I take no responsibility, for any damages you may cause by electrical misconstruction! Try this on your own risk!

      In my case I used 3 switches to turn on/off 5 lamps. I can use 1 to 5 Lamps by 3 switches only using the following combinations:
      middle switch: 1 lamp
      1 outer switch: 2 lamps
      middle + 1 outer: 3 lamps
      2 outer switches: 4 lamps
      all 3 switches: 5 lamps

      You'll need to make wholes in the corners and install something like the aluminum pipes, to hold the rods of the tent.

    2. Terapixel² 34 months ago | reply

      Great effort with amazing results!
      Congrats for being featured, one of the best boxes I think.

    3. Luis-gar 34 months ago | reply

      great DIY, thanks!

    4. Eenimon 34 months ago | reply

      Thanks to you guys

    5. ppresti1 32 months ago | reply

      I like the use of the microphone stand!

    6. Patricio Pomies 32 months ago | reply

      this is pure inspiration, building one right now!

    7. Elvez40 31 months ago | reply

      Cool! Great work!

    8. Digital Webb 28 months ago | reply

      I'm looking at building something similar, thanks for the great idas. Question though, what is the wattage of the CFL's you're using in there?

    9. Eenimon 28 months ago | reply

      I use 5 x 30 Watt bulbs (150 Watt in total), but as it is CFL, it gives you a light equal to about 450 Watts halogen bulbs. There are also larger CFL bulbs at 80 Watt and over. They would give you an extraordinary bright light, if used in a row - in case you want to shoot at more close apertures.

    10. xandemiranda 27 months ago | reply

      Hi! Congratulations for your softbox. It's gorgeuos! Can you explain me how to calculate the size of the steel rods?

      Thank you so much!

    11. Eenimon 27 months ago | reply

      Just replied to your email. Good luck!

    12. ALi ABiYAR 24 months ago | reply

      this is the most beautiful handmake softbox ive ever seen, but the tutorial is a not enough to make it. could you pls share more information of how to make this?? i really need. video tutorial will be appreciated.
      what kind of material you used for diffius??

    13. James Stanworth 21 months ago | reply

      Thanks for explaining this very neat light box. Nice instructions! With careful re-reading I'm finding many answers to the practical how-to problems. After digesting though a few issues remain:
      (1) The template gives the exact internal measurements. Does this mean adding another, say, 1 cm for making the seam? (Not much of a fabric worker... sorry.)
      (2) The wooden box 5 cm deep - any tips on wood thickness for mounting the bulbs? (center part) and thickness for box walls? Did you use thin plywood for layer with the holes or another material?
      (3) Pipes for mounting the rods. Have you use small bolts and covered them with tubes? How long should the bolts/pipes extend? This seems critical to be able to keep the shape.
      Thanks for any neat thoughts to the above.

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