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    1. Sʈicker 19 months ago | reply

      BrickForge's halo armor is what got thm so popular.

    2. ChocoBricks Customs 19 months ago | reply

      The PAC armor is one of their popular items, but it isn't what got them so popular. They have a long line of assorted products, it is hard to determine what gets them noticed.

      Kids these days only look for Halo, Star Wars, or anything military related. Look past all that and you will see some other excellent products.

    3. Sʈicker 19 months ago | reply

      I'm not saying it's the best thing in their store, It's jus the most people think of when they think of Brickforge.

    4. ChocoBricks Customs 19 months ago | reply

      Who are these "most people"?

      Most people I have spoken too usually remark on the quality of the weaponry and armor they sell and the animals. And the mushrooms. Lots of people love the mushrooms.

    5. -[STORM]- 19 months ago | reply

      Well i dd notice you were making new sets of camo prints for 1 minifig, but i didn't think you'd make a full figure.

    6. Finland Brick 19 months ago | reply

      Atleast i can prondly say as Brickforge is my favorite 3rd brand,althought i have more BA than BF [need to fix it. :3]
      Atleast for now Brickforge is much better than brickarms,BA just releases expensive prototypes and fools buy them. ;_; BF takes always a risk when they make something new,but i bet and so far they havent had "fail" parts. ;)

      And when i think about Brickforge,firstly to my mind comes medival weapons and armours,BF seriously leads that gategory! :)

    7. Quickblade22 19 months ago | reply

      BrickForge's first 5 molds were mostly medieval and fantasy items. Mold 6 featured Animals, followed by mold 7 that started the sci-fi items. Fast forward today, BF has items fitting most themes including mushrooms, musical instruments, transparent bottles, screen printed items, Star Wars inspired weapons, etc, etc....When you think of BrickForge, you should think of everything.....we do ;)

    8. Baricade 19 months ago | reply

      It was hard to see them, they were hiding.

    9. [Tetris] 19 months ago | reply

      Those vests...

    10. Devo1978 19 months ago | reply

      Be nice if I could get some Desert camo vest..Seems like forever sense they've had any.

    11. General JJ 19 months ago | reply

      The white mask attatchment looks really boss with that printing.

    12. Fallen_Bricks 19 months ago | reply

      Yay new stuff!!

    13. Shadow Viking 19 months ago | reply

      I'm not normally a big camo fan but these guys look sweet.

    14. Mecharonn 19 months ago | reply

      I just ordered 3 days ago. ;_;

    15. Haloboy97 18 months ago | reply

      BF minifigs with BF weapons =pretty good. BA weapons with BA minifigs=not bad. But, put a BA weapon on a BF fig you have perfection

    16. ChocoBricks Customs 18 months ago | reply

      Why not a BF weapon on a BA fig?

    17. Haloboy97 18 months ago | reply

      I know i am probably gonna get a lot of criticism for this but BF weapons aren't all that great(with some exceptions). Same with BA figs.

    18. Armothe 18 months ago | reply

      I think perhaps you truly haven't taken the opportunity to evaluate all of our weapons. If you did, I'm confident your opinion would change.

    19. Haloboy97 18 months ago | reply

      Yeah your right. I didn't clarify something. I was kinda talking about the halo like weapons. But yeah i love all your medieval stuff

    20. CallMePie 18 months ago | reply

      Gaah, we're being teased, I need one of those printed Tactical Goggles. :P

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