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Sweet Peaches SUCKS!

So, I ordered this set of sheets from Sweet Peaches Bedding for my sister (for my dad to give her) for her birthday, last month. The order was placed on May 4th with the understanding that it probably wouldn't arrive by the 12th (her birthday), but it would be there in the next week or so. After all, this is a regular, not custom order! I go to the site to check on the status about a week later and there's a tracking option which says the order is still processing. I figure that might be their way of saying the order is in process and maybe hasn't shipped yet. Hunh. Okay... A week later, I check back and the site no longer has a tracking option. Um. What? /:? I tsk and mutter and call the company's number. The perfectly nice woman I speak to tells me that my order is actually still pending because they're waiting for me to send in a check. What? What the hell?? I paid online with a credit card ! The woman pokes around for a few minutes and says "oh, yes, I see that you did. That must've been an error. I'll send a note and we'll process your order today." O-kaay. Fine. But shouldn't I be getting some I dunno, discount or something - an apology, at the very least - for you guys screwing up my order..? /:?


So I sicced Cristina - she of the amazing getting-sales-&-customer-service-people-to-do-what-she-wants skills - on 'em. ;D

Cristina calls and gets them to agree to 10% off the original price ($60 or so, plus shipping), get the order "frontlined", which is supposed to take a week off of shipping, and the order should now come directly to me instead of from the manufacturer to the seller to me. It should ship in a week or so and I'll get a tracking number. Cool. :)


This was around the end of May, I believe.


A couple of weeks pass and I know nothing more than I did. >:( I call and again talk to a perfectly pleasant person who tells me that my order still hasn't shipped. WTF. >:( I explain (tetchily) that I ordered this item over a month ago and there was no indication given to me that this should take this long. She says it's shipping Friday (I called on a Wednesday) and I'll get the tracking number that day. I do not get the tracking number on Friday. I call (I think it was last) Monday and am like what the hell?? Pleasant (but hideously ineffectual and total liar) customer service lady says I'll email it to you today. Tuesday the email shows up with a non-functional tracking number. Thursday, the number is functional. It says money has been received, shipping hasn't happened. Shipping is estimated to happen in another week. >:( >:( >:(


Today, it finally arrives (SEE IMAGE ABOVE) and it isn't what I ordered. The design is similar but the colors are wrong and the whole pattern is only trim on a yellow basic sheet. Not what I ordered and not what I would've ordered, had I known what they were intending to ship me. Oh, and they don't allow an order to be canceled after 12 hours, hence the reason why I couldn't cancel it after the first set of fuck-ups. Their returns policy requires me to pay for the cost of them having shipped the wrong thing to me as well as my shipping it back to them. And it has to get to them within a week (Should be no problem, right? Except I have no reason to trust them one godsdamned bit, now do I?) or I'm SOL. Horrible bastards. Don't buy bedding from them! >:(

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Taken on June 24, 2008