• On top of Dili hill is The Church of Resurrection, built in 1870.
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Ermoupolis Village: Syros, Greece

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Finally got this shot framed and hung on my wall : )

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The beautiful town of Ermoupolis is the capital of Syros as well as of the entire Cyclades. It is a commercially and culturally developed sea settlement of a great architectural beauty, a great reminder of the brilliant past of the city. This town was founded by the refugees and Greek revolutionaries who came from various parts of Greece, such as Chios, Psara, Kassos, Crete, Asia Minor, to the French-protected Syros to escape the massacres organized by the Turks during the Greek Independence and after the Revolution of 1821.

Houses are built very closely, one on the top of the other, surrounded by rocky slopes which were a protective fortress of great efficacy against the pirates and all the other enemies who threatened the island during 1200 AD, when the settlement of Ano Syros was built. To build this marvellous town, many European architects came from various countries like Germany, Italy and Greece, and joined their talents in a glorification of artistic and architectural beauty.

*The above information is from: www.greeka.com. Check it out for more history & info.

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  1. Dialed-in! 27 months ago | reply

    Nice to revisit... still great!

  2. phunnyfotos 27 months ago | reply

    I want to play with it ;-))

  3. Yohsuke_NIKON_Japan 27 months ago | reply

    Interesting processing!

  4. bytegirl24 27 months ago | reply

    very cool focus! Well done

  5. RegiCardoso 27 months ago | reply

    fantastic artwork!

  6. Uncle Phooey 27 months ago | reply

    What a beautiful shot, with nice depth! Love the warm glowing color too! You are a great photographer, my friend! Have a great weekend!

  7. B℮n 27 months ago | reply

    Tony,,,great tilt-shift work~!

    Enjoy your weekend;-)

  8. Dwood Photography 27 months ago | reply

    Way way cool. Especially with the church in the distance.

  9. Jikesh k 27 months ago | reply

    Beautiful capture

  10. Đєşђ ãмãя мαłĩ ãмãЯ™ (i'm back) 27 months ago | reply

    FANTASTIC work!!!
    lovely done & Congratz for..................
    ………need YOUR feedback, thanks

  11. Nancy Rose 27 months ago | reply

    I always loved this one! bet it will fabulous hanging\on the wall

  12. janelle711 26 months ago | reply

    This series is amazing!

  13. AB 7 25 months ago | reply

    Nice tilt-shift effect and great colors.

  14. DWKNY 25 months ago | reply

    Looks like a model

  15. THROUGH_HAWAIIAN_EYES 16 months ago | reply

    Merry Christmas my friend!

  16. mce_30 11 months ago | reply

    Love the minature effect. Was it a tilt-shift lens?

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