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My updated workspace, aka I Finally Got a Third 22" LCD | by creecher94
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My updated workspace, aka I Finally Got a Third 22" LCD

My workspace back in late 2009:


After moving from the 17" and 22" to dual 22" in May 2010 and then adding the 17" back in for triple displays in October, I've finally made the jump to three 22" LCDs. The left and right panel are Acer P221Ws and the middle is an Acer AL2216W. Color is surprisingly consistent between them, the middle has just a slightly bluish tint which I can remove through callibration.


I've of course upgraded the Hackintosh that runs them as well. I've still got the Intel E6300 overclocked to 3.05GHz, but not much else is the same. In order to get dual graphics cards working with EFI injection I needed a new motherboard with dual PCIe slots, so I went with the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-USB3P with 4GB of DDR3. As far as graphics cards go, I have a 9600GT driving the middle and right panels and a 7600GT driving the left panel. The system's running 10.6.4, which I'm scared to update to 10.6.6 at risk of breaking my dual-card setup.


Other differences from the 2009 setup:

>New desk. I built this from scratch last May after getting my second 22" and realizing that I had no room left on my 4'x2' desk.

>No more laptop on my desk. Now that my desktop is a far superior machine, I keep the MacBook Pro on the dresser by my bed for late-night surfing and whatnot.

>Only one computer at my desk. I got tired of dealing with multiple machines, so I put all my resources into making the Hackintosh the best system possible, and now it does all I ask it to.

>Projector's gone. The configuration of my room doesn't really make sense for projecting. It lives in my basement now.


Oh, and the lighting. The lights behind the monitors are $6 Lowe's uplight cans with 25 watt clear globe bulbs and the light under the desk is ropelight I attached with hooks. All 3 are hooked together to an X10 module for easy on/off and dimming.


Daytime pictures will come tomorrow. I just got the 22" LCD this evening.


By the way, I'm 16 and a Junior in high school.


Aug. 2011 Update: The Hackintosh has been upgraded to an Intel Q6600 OCd to 2.61GHz, and I'm 17 now and soon to be a Senior.


Sept. 2011 Update: Hacky now has 8GB of DDR3 1333 and is OCd to 2.79GHz. Now booting of a 2x80GB RAID0 array with ~250MB/sec max read speeds. Replaced the remaining 7xxx series video card with a second 9600GT, dual cards still work perfectly, and I can now try and update to Lion since I no longer have 7xxx series cards. (On another drive of course. Never muck up a working OS X install on a Hack!)


In the next few weeks I will be gutting a defective G5 (different from the one in the photo, my mother uses that one now) and modding it to accomodate all my Hackintosh components. I will be posting a new photo once the HackinG5 is done. I am _very_ excited for the parts to come so I can build it.


Update: "PowerHac G5" is built. Pic of the internals:


Moving some things on the desk around this weekend and I'll have an updated workspace pic to post sometime next week.

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Taken on February 12, 2011