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The Nebber at Embra | by Scots Language Centre
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The Nebber at Embra

It's taen lang eneuch for tourist heids tae mercat steids throu Scots, but here ane instance. A quiz that taks fowk on a gang-roond the castle o Embra ('Edinburgh'). Neb is an auld word that means beak, but haes lang been anither wey o sayin nose in Scots. Neb is kent in a wheen byleids o Inglis forby, but is fast dwynin thareawa. In Scots tho, neb is used in aw the airts, an haes even replaced nose in mony places as the staundart word in Scots. Tae be nebby in Scots is tae nosey. Scots haes come awa wi some rare words usin neb: lang-nebbit, for instance, is a wey o sayin 'polysyllabic'. Sae a nebber, in the blad abuin, is a body that's nebby, or speirs things oot.

Photie bi Malcolm Ricketts.

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Taken on February 23, 2013