• Leftover pasta
  • OJ
  • Yakult
  • Krispy Kremes mmm fat..
  • Easter Eggs
  • Milk - Seph!
  • Where's the Kikkoman!?@!~?@ - Seph!
  • Jap Mayo! - Seph!
  • Look Tiff! Tofu!!
  • Left over chicken rice chicken
  • croissants
  • umm we don't keep kikoman in the fridge...
  • Jap mayo goes with nearly everything!
  • mmm! so yummy yet so sweet =P - ms thang
  • i love this hot sauce!! <3 - ms thang
  • me too!! :D
  • mm...*bite bite*! - PiscesTiff


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In reply to ms thang's fridge pic

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  1. ms thang ages ago | reply

    nice fish eye! and nice fridge!

  2. en.elle ages ago | reply

    haha thanks Jessi!

  3. en.elle ages ago | reply

    Nick I know! I was actually trying to look for some Domos when I went to singapore/malaysia but couldn't find any =/

  4. Seph! ages ago | reply

    LOL wanna hear something retarded? I was just scanning thru all the notes on this photo, i just quickly glanced at them, upon passing the "easter eggs", i though it said "Esther's eggs" I was like WTF...


  5. en.elle ages ago | reply

    dyslexic are we?

  6. Seph! ages ago | reply

    i bet u had to look up the dictionary to spell dyslexic


  7. en.elle ages ago | reply

    I bet you I didn't :D Spelling bee champ in primary school!

  8. Seph! ages ago | reply

    Pretty crap Primary School then.

  9. en.elle ages ago | reply

    Wendy can vouch my spelling skillzzz

  10. Very Distorted ages ago | reply

    Hi there - please take the time to join my group The Fridge HERE! and please post this pic to the group. You are very welcome to invite others from all over the world so we can have a look at exactly what everyone is hiding in their fridge :)

    Found in a search. (?)

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