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Flickr University 1 | by trs125
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Flickr University 1

Before I tell you about this photo and how it came to be, I just want to say one quick thing (oh, who am I kidding...

it’s never quick, sorry about that...) . Anyway, my favorite thing about Flickr, besides the obvious looking at everyone’s

wonderful photos, is the sharing of ideas and information between people bound by the simple interest in photography,

whether they be within the same town, the same state, across the country or across the world. I love the comments, the Flickr

mails and emails and I have sat in front of this computer and had some of the best laughs and shed more than a few tears.

I have come to the conclusion that anything you want to learn can be learned on Flickr and/or Pinterest. I’m amazed at what I have

learned about photography, sewing, quilting, cooking (well, maybe not so much cooking.... but I have found my favorite recipes

on Pinterest, but I still hate to cook), travelling, etc...etc...etc.... There’s just so much out there that I have never even heard of until introduced by Flickr friends; (ie...Cindy Lou, Susan and I would have no

idea about Blackberry Winter if it weren’t for you and we still laugh about that! Who knew?!)

And I thank each and every one of you for that! : )


Now to this strange picture.... Lomography...never heard of it. I was sent a link by one of my contacts (thanks Surreal-journey) about toy cameras.

I watched the video. My take on the whole thing was that the toy cameras are really so stinking cute (he was unimpressed with this observation of mine... but

geez... they come in colors like pink and teal blue. And they are little. Cute, I’m telling you!) Anyway, I file this information in my memory banks and about a week later,

I am in a thrift shop and find a little plastic camera. It’s gold and black, weighs like... nothing, looks like a toy....the light bulb goes off... It’s a TOY CAMERA

(Ok, I’m wasn’t all that hard to figure out. The lens cap said “”) It was a fisheye camera. It cost $1. I figure if it works, it works... if it doesn’t,

it will look really cute hanging on my Christmas tree (I didn’t tell him that either). A week earlier I would not have had a clue what this camera was all about. I might still have bought it

though (heck it was $1!!!) So, I decide that I am going to get some film and shoot a roll just to see what it does. The next day I get up, and there is a roll of 35mm color film

on the kitchen shelf next to my car keys. I still honestly cannot explain where that film came from. It was not in a box, I’n sure it was expired... had to be! I have not shot a roll of film since about 2005... ???

So, I snapped off the 24 exposures and this was about the best of them. I learned a lot about what NOT to do with this camera, but I still have to figure out what TO DO with it, although I have a better idea now. After looking at the prints (yeah, prints... apparently I also can’t follow directions and even though he told me to get a CD, NOT prints, I forgot all about that and I now have prints and had to scan this one

to post it, making it look even worse than it really is. I’ll do better next time)...anyway, looking at the prints, I have a much better idea of what to try next time.... for example, you have to shoot straight on,

you can’t shoot at an angle, because if you do, the lens shows up in your print, asymmetrically, and if you shoot too far away from something, it really looks like nothing. I pretty much had no idea what the pictures were going to look like because you look through a viewfinder and you actually can see the lens in your view. Weird. I took one shot from the window of my car and got the door of the car and the driver side mirror in the photo. I hadn’t expected that at all. So, I will get another roll of film and leave the camera handy until I see something

that I think might work with this type of photography. Something new and fun, although paying for prints really makes me appreciate digital that much more! I had forgotten about the “dropping off film and waiting”

aspect of photography, but have decided that all in all.... even that’s pretty cool !


Oh, and here is a short article on Lomography.... It’s worth taking a look at, and its probably shorter than this description I've just written.

Yey, Me! I learned something new! Thank you Randy for the education! ; )


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Taken on May 9, 2014