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    "How to build a DIY Rotocasting Machine Tutorial - Part 1" on our blog:

    1. I Got Wood 55 months ago | reply

      looks like a roto caster.

      What are you going to use for your power source?

    2. pepehiller 55 months ago | reply

      yeah that's the plan so far! :]
      i will use something like this...

    3. I Got Wood 55 months ago | reply

      I guess I was asking more along the lines of chain vs. gear, not necessarily the initial drive, (motor vs. crank).You could go either way. I patterned mine after an industrial chain driven one I saw on YouTube. I never got the ratio correct though. I'm still working on it.

      You've got some very precision work going on there. I'm interested to see your final product.

    4. pepehiller 55 months ago | reply

      yeah my plan is to go with a chain and some gears for offset of the power source as well... :)
      my intention is to make the stuff as precise as i can but have no clue at all if this thingy
      will work as it should when it's builded! :D u mentioned the ratio... does your inner frame
      spin as fast as the outer or do you have a shifted movement? do you have pics of your rotocaster somewhere? i'm glad for any input on this! :]

    5. I Got Wood 55 months ago | reply

      It seems like the inner ring has to make twice as many rotations as the outer ring. Otherwise the inner one just kind of rocks back and forth without turing over completely and you get a heavy side on your casting.

      video here

      Like I said, I haven't got mine to work correctly yet.

    6. pepehiller 55 months ago | reply

      wow! awesome machine you've builded! looks like a really massive thing.
      yeah the ratio of the inner to the main fraim has to be out of sync. i read somewhere the ratio should be 15:1 or at least around 2:1 (don't know what's best yet...)
      like u mentioned, i think it's a try and error process. :)

      started a tutorial series of our Rotocasting Machine here:

    7. I Got Wood 55 months ago | reply

      Are you a millwright?

      That's a compliment by the way (a huge one). Not trying to be nosey about your past or anything, but you're obviously a master craftsman.

    8. pepehiller 55 months ago | reply

      thanks a lot jack! really appreciate this!
      hm, well not a millwright but my dayjob is architecture model maker.
      we do a lot of our models with hidden mechanics for movable parts and so on...
      so i guess somehow i get there the knowledge how to build strange stuff like a rotocaster. ;D

    9. Anticlimaddox 55 months ago | reply

      This looks great! Recently finished one out of wood, but this looks much more durable. May have to upgrade when you finish your plans. Thanks for sharing. Here's the one I did:

    10. pepehiller 54 months ago | reply

      thanks! plans are nearly done & i just ordered the gears and a belt. hopefully i can work on mine this weekend! :) your rotocaster looks very cool too! did u cast already with it?

    11. Anticlimaddox 54 months ago | reply

      not yet - hoping to cast the toy I'm sculpting now in it within the next 3 weeks - will post results. What motor are you using? Link to buy? - I'm a little afraid the microwave motor I have is not gonna last too long. Just realized that the images I have up don't have the gears and pulley on it, sounds like the same format, was fun to build.

    12. pepehiller 54 months ago | reply

      srry for my late response. don't know where we got this motor from...it was lying arround in our workshop. it's a pretty strong motor, but you may use a smaller one as well... maybe a microwave motor is slightly to weak, but it's only the start inertia, then you don't need much power to let it spin i think. :]

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