Bottle in the Sea (by Lubitel)

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    Teucke und Koenig: from East Prussia with Love.

    When E. T. A. Hoffmann characters were drinking high spirits, it may have been from a bottle like this. This particular bottle from T & K distillery in Koenigsberg is not that old, but still it may remember even Otto von Bismarck himself. I found the bottle deep in my cellar, that's why the rear label is well preserved. The front label was probably removed and saved.

    Lubitel 166U (with 4,5 x 6 mask I forgot to remove, cropped further to 2 x 3), Superia 400.

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    1. wildorange55 54 months ago | reply

      oh wow! i love that sea of hay/grass. i always enjoy finding things like that - makes me wonder who touched them, why they were left behind, etc.

    2. the aurelian 54 months ago | reply

      wildorange55 This place is amazing, the grass looks like ocean each year early in the spring.

    3. the aurelian 54 months ago | reply

      an elegant back-up shot from Nikon L35 AF (most likely at f/22):

      has a point-and-shooter outperformed a medium format camera?

    4. Mr. Bizi 54 months ago | reply

      i prefer what lubi saw. but if you crop lubi's negative severely and compare it to a japanese point and shoot from 80s, japanese guy wins hands down. lubi's lens tought me that not all lenses are equal and what corner sharpness means ;-) but full-size negs and the tones you get from them, they are cool...

      btw, i love how lubi shot is scanned. did you scan it? if yes, would you care to share your worfklow? i hate how grainy skies look in my C41 scans.

    5. the aurelian 54 months ago | reply

      Yeah, the competition is over once you place full scale scans side to side. Lubitel rules, though the focus is off in this picture (still learning). And the slides I've just had developed! I was like "I did this?". I'm going to scan them myself just like I did with the test roll.

      The scanner is Epson Perfection V500 and is actually not mine, that's why I usually post cheap & quick lab scans. I scanned this one @600 dpi without corrections, and did some post-processing within the range of 5% that needed to be done. Scanning boosts grain, probably all you can do is compensate with dpi. Every time I ask flickr folks how to scan, I hear 'make your scans around 7000 px wide, and goodbye grain' and that's what I do whenever I'm allowed to play with my friend's scanner.

    6. La Branĉaro 54 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful :-)

    7. the aurelian 54 months ago | reply

      Jesse Ray Thank you! I need to re-shoot this just one more time, this time with pitch-perfect focus.

    8. _anke_ 53 months ago | reply

      yes, the ground looks exactly like waves! well done!

    9. brhminus 53 months ago | reply

      Świetne, zarówno w kolorze jak i w B/W.

    10. the aurelian 53 months ago | reply

      _anke_ Thanks! I'm glad to hear it works the way it was meant to.
      Anita Dzięki! Dobrze, że zdążyłem na miejsce przed podpalaczami traw.

    11. kzappaster 52 months ago | reply

      Excellent framing and shot!

    12. (Tom) 52 months ago | reply

      dude! nice!

    13. the aurelian 52 months ago | reply

      Tom ha ha, thanks man.

    14. MMortAH 46 months ago | reply

      Perfect composition

    15. the aurelian 46 months ago | reply

      MMortAH thank you! too bad I forgot about the mask, maybe it would've been even better.

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