1962 Cavalier Estates

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    Lovely house we put an offer on and was accepted...want it so bad we went a little over the asking price, even in this crummy housing market. That's still a deal in this neighborhood....we've not felt so strongly about any other house...perfect modest house in the perfect location! Built in 1962, it's 1,616 sq. ft., 3 beds, "1.75" baths, and a small swimming pool with a cool mosaic tile swordfish at the bottom. With some original features, like the bathroom tiles and the two globe lights above the front door...for us, it's so positively perfect....it's odd, but we both felt "this is the place, this is home!" Now it's the waiting game and spending money on inspections and appraisals. Already getting ahead of myself and envisioning color schemes. Keeping my fingers crossed! This will be the "before" picture! The grass and shrubs have been neglected while it's been vacant, but if all goes well, the next photos will show better. I love this house!! And the Lovebirds love the trees! It isn't ultra-modern...maybe more "contemporary ranch". This photo doesn't show it very well, as it had been a rental for several years and was not cared for very well, but not destroyed, either. Still, a great deal at a rock bottom price. Not huge, but who needs that...it's a very good floor plan..where you can get to any part without having to cross through another room. Fuck urban lofts....the tired, pretentious wanna-be's can have them.

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    1. JAVA1888 43 months ago | reply

      Looks fantastic! There was a house near me that was very similar to this one. My partner and I were really wanting to put an offer in, but didnt. We recently drove by it and it has been HIDEOUSLY remodeled. We cried a little that day. but Im hoping for the best for you!

    2. SportSuburban 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the well wishes! If everything goes how we want it to, there will be no hideous remodels! It's relatively untouched but somewhat well-maintained....with the typical period "updates" like 80's oak kitchen cabinets and vertical blinds.... but no ugly add-ons that aren't in keeping with the style...any remodeling will be sort of a reverse-remodel. I've seen too many original 50's -60's contemporary styled houses "updated" with stucco , brass carriage lamps, white vinyl windows and victorian leaded and beveled-glass doors that I just want to vomit on their door-steps!

    3. SportSuburban 42 months ago | reply

      After so much annoying paperwork and phoning and emailing...the keys will be delivered Tuesday!! Yay!! I am so excited! Never thought I'd be a "home-owner"......

    4. cndparker 42 months ago | reply

      Would so much like to see further interior pics of your home. Just love it!

    5. SportSuburban 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks!.....I will do interior shots as soon as I get the place not looking like a "Hoarders" episode...moving is the worst.

    6. cndparker 41 months ago | reply

      Yes, moving is the worst!! All the best to you!

    7. VeggieBoo 36 months ago | reply

      The house is soooo cute, very retro modern........btw, you're house is posted here: gawker.com/5899418/the-slumburbs-of-our-future

    8. SportSuburban 36 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the comments, and the link....wow...I didn't think my house looked that atrocious to be the posterchild for "slumburbs"......

    9. jennifer.zucconi 5 months ago | reply

      I love everything about your home. Just everything.

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