Here is one example of the kind of hostility we encountered from some folks in Beijing. She was staring at us while we were buying something from a street vendor near our hotel. Her expression did not change at all while I took out my camera to capture the moment and take the shot.


A woman determined to communicate her disapproval. It is good to have a mission I guess.


This is my Photo Friday for the week of 9/29/06: "Anger"

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  • Tom Flaherty 10y

    I hate to say it, but you are a ghost! My wife tells me this daily, she sometimes only means Chinese when she uses the word people. I felt the same sort of thing in China, even thought once I was going to have to fight someone, it did not feel good.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    @scarywebguy: LOL. Yeah I know all about the "ghost" thing.

    What was so awful for me is that the comments and the stares were mostly directed at my daughter. They did not like the way she looks at all, for reasons I will not go into here. I hated seeing her treated so badly by some folks over there.

    I started taking pictures. I am glad I did not have to fight. That must have been some experience.
  • Mark Griffith PRO 10y

    Intensity to be sure, great capture
  • Wing Poon 10y

    Dang, she looked right through the lens. I don't feel welcomed at all. Super shot.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    @Wingdingo: Lol, thanks.

    Yeah , if looks could kill....
  • James Dawson PRO 10y

    Makes you wonder doesn't. China is becoming an economic super power and will be dominate in a decade or two. If that is the attitude now how will that translate later ...

    Great photo by the way.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    @TorontoStreet: Forget about 10 years from now, we were wondering while we were there how the International Community would fare there during the upcoming olympics in Beijing.

    Stay tuned!
  • lomion 10y

    What is the "ghost" thing?
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    @lomion: My understanding of it is that "hungry ghosts" are those spirits that, according to the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, have large bellies, narrow throats and pinhole mouths. This makes it very difficult to eat and swallow. No matter how much they consume they are never satisfied. It is said to be the most painful path to reincarnation.
  • .in honor of maria liberata. 10y

    I find it very interesting what you do, musicmuse. Attentive I follow your photo stream. And your descriptions seem very well-founded. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    @mynoa:Thanks so much. I am glad you are enjoying the commentary and the photos. It is nice to know someone is paying attention. :)
  • lomion 10y

    Oh, hungry ghosts, yes I know about them. I did not know about that connection though as you mentioned it.
  • Riot Sauce 10y

    She looks like she'd like to burn a hole right through you with that stare. Wow.
  • Fif 10y

    fantastic shot!!!what a look!!
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    Tahnks Riot and Fif&Co. Yeah, this look was postively radioactive.
  • dagamba 9y

    that selective focus makes it really good; but I don't detect the hostility towards a white female shopping in Beijing. There's a frown, yes but she ain't throwing anything at ya for taking a pic of her w/o asking, is she?
  • Larry Troy 7y

    You captured amazing intensity here!

    Seen in your Beijing, China set. (?)
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 7y

    Yeah... she was already pissed off at us for whatever reason, so I went for it.
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