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Prayers Along the Red Path

This is the path to the main part of the Dongyue (or East Peak) temple shrine. This is the largest Tao temple in China of the Zhengyi Branch of Taoism.


After being nearly destroyed in the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government has restored it and re-opened it as a cultural "museum", which is at the rear of the Temple complex.


The little red wooden plaques you see in the shot are individual prayers tied to the fence by worshippers. They are tied like this everywhere in the temple. The faithful still come to the temple to pray. They have made this a place of active worship of the Dongyue God and the 76 departments of heaven and 18 layers of hell (which are on display here), and all of the mortal world over which he rules.


To the left of the shot are some of the stone tablets and steles from different historical periods in China, dating back to the founding of the temple in the Yaun Dynasty. There were over 140 pieces, with 85 that still remain here.


This is my Photo Friday entry for the week of March 10. 2006: "red"


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