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A Nereid (2003)

The Nereids (which means "wet ones" in Greek) were the daughters of the "old man of the sea" in Greek mythology. Specifically of the sea god Nereus (eldest son of Pontus, a personification of the sea) and of Doris, daughter of Oceanus (the god of the water encircling the flat Earth). They lived in the depths of the ocean, and surfed the waves on the backs of dolphins.


They often came to shore to rest, catch some sun and dry their hair. Why, I do not know, since they just got all wet all over again. Maybe it was an excuse to flirt? After all, they were all known to be beauties, and they did mate with mortals from time to time. According to legend, Achilles' mom was a Nereid.


There were said to be only 50 of them who lived in the Mediterranean. They were known to look after sailors at sea, and were worshipped in sea-port towns.


This one hangs out at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

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