Robert was walking very, very slowly down a busy, crowded street. He moved one baby step every 30 seconds or so. I asked him if I could take his picture.


He said, "Yes! We all need a little pink!"




This is my Photo Friday entry for 1/20/06: "Pink"

  • Paul Zollo 9y

    this is simply
    G L O R I O U S!
    Divine intervention
    that allowed you to be
    there at the exact right
    moment to capture this wonderful
    portrait, and you did it so beaut=

    ifully. i absolutely LOVE it.
    My favorite of all my

  • musicmuse_ca 9y

    @P.S.Zollo: Thanks so much. You made my day by letting me know. I am so glad to have you as a contact. :)
  • Darshminder 9y

    Does anyone remember his Hawaiian phase? That was a little more acceptable, don't you think?
  • musicmuse_ca 9y

    @Darshminder: Oh man...I missed that one. Sounds like it had lots of possibilities though.
  • kurious kat 9y

    Robert!! We look forward to seeing him every time we go downtown!
  • musicmuse_ca 9y

    @kurious kat: indeed! :)
  • Bill Jones Jr 9y

    This has been tagged "MyPortfoliobest" the Administrators in My Portfolio-10 Best as one of the Best of the Group. Thanks for your contribution, and be sure to tell your friends about the group.

    Please check out the slideshow
  • musicmuse_ca 9y

    @Bill Jones Jr: Thanks again for picking one of my shots. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the fav!
  • Gen-esis Photography 9y

    This is a great shot!!

    Seen in My Portfolio - 10 Best (?)
  • musicmuse_ca 9y

    @Genna2006: thanks Genna. This guy is quite a character. He is looking much more ragged this year than last. This was clearly a happeir time for him when I got this shot.
  • jrmski 9y

    Please add this to my new group: Robert Steffen AKA The Umbrella Man.
  • elf230003 8y

    I was downtown today and the clown guy was walking around. He is always walking downtown. Everytime I go. His costume does not look too clean.
  • musicmuse_ca 8y

    @elf230003 : Yeah he i pretty much there most of the time. And I took this shot 2 years ago. He has been wering te same costume every day since then. ANd it looks it.
  • 8y

    Some facts for people looking at SqueeksP's information (this user has been posting a Megan's law link that shows a Robert Russell Steffen as a registered sex offender. I am 100 percent sure our Robert/Umbrella guy is not this person). Some facts:

    Our Umbrella Guy is Robert Frederick Steffen.

    The Megan's Law guy is Robert Russell Steffen.

    The eye colors are different (our Pink Robert has blue eyes, the Sacto sex offender has brown).

    The Megan's Law guy has tattoos on his neck--I've yet to see Robert sporting a tat of any kind. Posting that someone is a sex offender when they are NOT is irresponsible, to say the least, and it's all over this Flickr site. At least one other user is picking up the information and disseminating it as well.
  • musicmuse_ca 8y Yeah I deleted her comment here as soon as she put it up because I knew it was bogus.
  • 8y

    thanks--Robert is such a sweet, gentle person and I would hate for someone to be mean to him because of bogus information.
  • Beth Berry 8y

    We love Robert!!

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Wacko Nation, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • musicmuse_ca 8y

    thanks for the invite
  • Chloe 6y

    BOOOOO robert. he started out wearing regular bum clothes and before he wouldn't talk to anyone or acknowledge anyone. then he started the pink thing and posing for pictures....and he just reappeared after a couple months absence, i just spotted him yesterday. snarled at him actually. i'm sure not many people ever get to see him run but believe me he can...he honestly just wants to watch people watching him. he does it just to fuck with us. sorry its a touchy subject haha..
  • William Morris 5mo

    What happened to pink man
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