Daibutsu Den in Nara

This is the Daibutsu Den (the house of the Giant Buddha), also known as Todai-ji temple. It is the largest wooden structure in the world. Fire destroyed the building twice. This structure, which was rebuilt in the Edo period (in 1692), was scaled down to two thirds of the original size.


It houses the two gigantic Buddhas, which I posted earlier, plus Bishamon the temple guardian (I did not get a good shot of Bishamon, sorry).


Here they are: The Bodhitsatva and the Birushana Nyorai.


You can see the Yakushi Nyorai to the left of the doors.


This is my Photo Friday entry for 9/9/05: "Massive"



  • tsogy 10y

    that's an impressive and beautiful temple,
    very nice capture...
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y

    Thanks Tsogy.

    It is an amazing place to visit. The sheer size of the building and the three massives statues inside are overwhelming.
  • Henrik Brameus 10y

    It sure is MASSIVE.

    It's fantastic when you look at a building like that which in iteslf looks quite normal. Until you discover the human beings, that is.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 10y


    Exactly. When you click on the larger size, and see just how small the people are, it gives a real sense of perspective.
  • LeszekZadlo PRO 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 100 + Viewed Best Architecture Photos (add 1, award 1), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
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