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I met Ellen today at a street fair. She was holding a sign saying that she was one day away from being homeless. We got to talking, and she told me about her medical disability and how she is struggling to make it.

She let me take her portrait, and tried her best to smile.

This is my Photo Friday for the week of June 9, 2006: "Poverty"

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  1. synecdoche 117 months ago | reply

    Worth a thousand words.

  2. Lapis Leslie 117 months ago | reply

    Her eyes are so haunted. I wish I'd gotten you to do a portrait of me when I was done there. You have such sensitivity in your portrayals of people. You let their souls shine out. *g*

  3. musicmuse_ca 117 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much Leslie. I appreciate your comment. She really is haunted and her story just broke my heart to hear.

  4. musicmuse_ca 117 months ago | reply

    Thanks Syndi. I thought so too.

  5. meninosdosolhos [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

    Beautiful eyes, looking for....

  6. arvind k 117 months ago | reply

    Great potrait.

  7. musicmuse_ca 117 months ago | reply

    @ Artur:

    Looking for... relief I think.

  8. musicmuse_ca 117 months ago | reply

    @ Arvind


  9. Nadine1016 116 months ago | reply

    your connected with her an it shows..hopeshe is ok

  10. musicmuse_ca 116 months ago | reply

    Thanks Nadine. I hope so too.

  11. wander aimlessly 77 months ago | reply

    This picture makes me sad. She looks like a lot of women in Eastern Kentucky, where my mom was born. After my dad passed away when I was a child, we were often one day away from homelessness too. She reminds me of my mom.

  12. oregono1 73 months ago | reply

    Oh, my heart weeps. Oh such a bitter pill.

    And there, in the presence of no hope

    Stands my kind and thoughtful one.

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