The Kelp Forest in Sunlight

The Kelp Forest at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


This is my Photo Friday for the week of 9/15/06: "Bright"

  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    @Mggie's World: Thanks! you are too kind :)
  • Andy Sheridan 9y

    Nice one, great lighting.Would work well at:
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    @Phil + Andy: Thanks! I have added it to the pool you suggested. :)
  • smalldogs PRO 9y

    oh this is great! another really fabulous aquarium shot. the sunlight is wonderful; gah! it creates such a palette of colors.
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    @smalldogs: Thanks Susan! It was cool to be able to take advanage of a sunny day in Monterey. Glad you like these. :)
  • Janelle 9y

    I love the kelp forest! That was my favorite part of Monterey. You captured it very well!
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    @Fliedermaus: Thanks! That is my favorite part of the aquarium too. Glad you like the shot. :)
  • Suzuki Beane 9y

    Saw a PBS special on Monterey Bay Aquarium - looks awesome. Note to self: must make a trek. Cheers!
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    @Suzuki Beane: It is well worth the trip! And thanks for the fav :)
  • Chris Moore 9y

    Superb. Love it!
    Thanks for taking part in the Shafts of Light thread at The World Through My Eyes
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 9y

    Thanks! :)
  • Len McAlpine 8y

    Well done; beautiful colors!
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 8y

    Thanks very much!
  • Eleyna1 7y

    The picture is Beautiful and it is really helping me with my biology project for school because i am drawing "marine" hope you won't mind
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 7y

    @Eleyna1: Glad to be of help in your studies.
  • lolohess 7y

    Hi! Thanks for posting such a beautiful photo. Would it be ok if I used it on my website? I am a Master's student at UCSB (Santa Barbara, CA) and I am doing a group project on lobster. I really love the colors! Please let me know if it would be ok if I use it.
  • Itstimmyyang 7y

    The colors are brilliant!
  • musicmuse_ca PRO 7y

    Thanks timothy! I got lucky here.
  • easternyearbook 7y

    Hi, this is a very lovely picture. Good job. I'm a designer for Eastern High School's yearbook and I'd like to know if I could use this picture in our book this year?
  • Jean Isard 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called FAVTOP10+ (Post 1 Award and Fave 2) Don't forget to fave, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
    Seen in the group"10-25 Favourites" ( ?² )
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