Fallow Fawn

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    Novelty deer pictures with their tongues out was my specialty when I first joined Flickr, I love the chocolate coloured fawns like this, taken at Bradgate Country Park in Leicestershire. I used to spend so much time there but I've got so unfit and so full of pain that I can't face going up and down the hills, I really need to find some motivation from somewhere. Anyway........they'll be rutting soon which adds a bit of interest I suppose. The rabbits have returned after a terrible outbreak of myxomatosis which is nice to see.

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    1. Tales From The Riverbank 33 months ago | reply

      a wonderful set of images
      i always look forward to the rutting season..

    2. S Wilson (was S Hutchinson) 33 months ago | reply

      A lovely series of shots Dan. I have missed your Bradgate Park shots! Are the white deer still there? Hope to go there one day.

    3. Dan Belton ( No Badger Cull ) 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone, yes they still have the lovely white ones, they come in a remarkable array of ' flavours ' !

    4. Photospool 33 months ago | reply

      These are so beautiful, I love them all

    5. Mrs. Noah 33 months ago | reply

      Such lovely shots - you're so lucky to have these beauties so close by.

    6. Fenwalker1 33 months ago | reply

      ahhh all sooo cute! Beautiful shots :-)

    7. vjdj69 33 months ago | reply

      A great series, they look so cute and beautiful!!!

    8. Christine_ Douglas 33 months ago | reply

      A gorgeous set of shots Dan. They are all so cute!

    9. Tim Walton Photography. 33 months ago | reply

      Great set of shots Dan.

    10. Dante1709 33 months ago | reply

      Adorable! Love those black legs!

    11. Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography 33 months ago | reply

      Overdosing on the cute factor Dan. What a beautiful set of shots

    12. TAB1855 33 months ago | reply

      This is such a gorgeous set Dan.....just too cute for words....thank you for sharing!

    13. Dan Belton ( No Badger Cull ) 33 months ago | reply

      Finding REAL wildlife huh, I've made sure from when I started on Flickr in September 2009 that my fallow and red deer pictures were always put in context that they were taken in a deer park. I've always been honest about these deer pictures, unlike many other people on Flickr who have photographed them. It might be imagined but I won't take any shit over me photographing deer in parks when I've always been honest about them. We don't have ANY ' wild ' deer ( whatever that means ) in Leicestershire so my visits to Bradgate are my only chance to see them, something I've stressed from September 2009 to this day. Bradgate apart, for the most part ALL of the animals I photograph I've found myself, I don't sit in hides all day drinking coffee and responding to someone texting me about a blue-arsed booby seen in Polesworth or something. I pride myself on the fact that I find my own photographic subjects, so many people are dishonest in that respect and I WON'T be tarred with that same brush.

      APOLOGIES but that comment has been coming for years now, occasionally I photograph deer at a deer park, does that invalidate every other picture I have of foxes and badgers and everything else ?

    14. KHR Images 33 months ago | reply

      Dan - I owe you an apology as my comments were posted at gone 11pm through bleery eyes (I hadn't read your intro properly), My bad completely!!! - I've sent you a Flickr Mail. Apologies Sir, my comments were out of context.

    15. M.D.Parr 33 months ago | reply

      Cracking set of young un's Dan!

    16. Maggie's Camera 33 months ago | reply

      These are ALL superb Dan. Get set of shots.

    17. Andromeda Honds 33 months ago | reply

      I know how you feel. I was such an outcast in my last town being anti-shock collar. Things are still bleak in this town but I'm like an hour away from a town that actually cares about dogs, so not quite as bad. There's more hope here at least, and the other day I met a gorgeous doberman with Balfour on a cat leash, and when she remarked at how big he was and started walking away I said in a LOUD whisper "yeah and I don't even have to hurt him with a prong collar to get him to follow me," as hers was in one and she couldn't give the dog any slack. I was quite amused with myself as you might imagine... ;) In my last town I would have gotten in a huge confrontation but she just went red and then left the area.

    18. rockwolf 33 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous mixed pot of colours here! Love those chocolaty brown ones too and of course, who can ever resist a tongue!! Lol! Beautiful light and superb detail throughout!
      (Hope you feel better soon Dan, and can get out and about again before long! I was 'housebound' for just 12 weeks as you know and that drove me stir crazy!!!)

    19. MOZBOZ1 33 months ago | reply

      Beautiful set

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