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Itchy & Scratchy | by Dan Belton ( No Badger Cull )
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Itchy & Scratchy

One last shot of the fox cub in Devon, I was chuffed that it was so unaware of my presence that it decided to have a bit of a scratch. There's so much talk of urban foxes being somehow ' easier ' than rural ones but the distinction between the two is so blurred at least where I live. I've put so much time and effort into photographing so called urban foxes ( suburban really with access to the countryside ) this year with very little to show for it that it was a priceless boost to my non existent confidence to get so close to what some people might consider ' proper wild foxes '. In reality ALL foxes are a nightmare to photograph most of the time, you may have the occasional bit of luck but for the most part it's a thoroughly depressing exercise. Despite that I'm still there for 2 or 3 hours every night and have the same conversations with passers by every night.....'you should have been here this morning, there were three of them wearing tutus and prancing about !!!' It's heartening though that almost everyone who stops to speak to me while I'm waiting for the foxes in a dingy lane is positive about them. People are so chuffed to see them in their gardens and are interested in what I'm doing for the most part; I just wish I had some real quality behaviour pictures to show them rather than my trademark ' fox looking scared and about to run away ' pictures ! There's still a tiny minority of people deliberately letting their dogs loose in the fox's field though and even though I've never even spoken to these people they seem to have a vendetta against me. They've cut the barbed wire fence which you can't exactly do with a pair of scissors but they're a right bunch of cowards, noone has the balls to actually confront me while I'm there. I'm pretty confident though that the foxes are significantly more intelligent than these berks and won't be caught, they've become used to being chased by dogs over the years ( and yes mr alsation owner I know your name !! ) and know where to hide, most of the much for my new shorter and less personal descriptions !

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Taken on July 4, 2011