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Not a very good picture but I was so shocked to see him like this, he was fine at dusk last must have been another fox or a dog. If it was a dog I hope I never meet it's owner thats for sure................ there was an alsation running riot in the field when I arrived, drives me crazy !!!!!!! I've had a foxy nightmare today : (


Could it be a car, it never even occured to me because there's no busy roads but he may well be moving around a lot in the mating season. He was running like normal and inquisitive in that uniquely foxy way ( they never go anywhere in a straight line, here there and everywhere literally following their noses ! )


The more I look at this the more worried I'm getting, that right side of the face looks crushed. I never name animals so I don't get too attatched but it's impossible not to. This little bugger's led me a merry dance for the best part of 18 months, why do we get involved when it always ends in heartbreak for heaven's sake.

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Taken on February 8, 2011