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homage to james ellroy. chapter 4. detailed report.


a shout out to the unfathomably talented venusascends, who started me on this particular journey through the mayan house a while back...


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the black dahlia case, as it became known, is unquestionably the most infamous & notorious of all of LA's unsolved crimes. ellroy's book "the black dahlia", gritty and passionate as all his work, was especially personal to him because his own mother was murdered when he was 10 not far from the location of the black dahlia crime scene. her murder was never solved either.


the mystique that has grown up around the glamorization of the gruesome crime masks the actual victim, elizabeth short, who grew up in hyde park, massachusetts (a neighborhood of boston, about a mile from my house) and made her way to LA as one of thousands of silver screen hopefuls in the forties. behind the media frenzy of the crime was an actual young woman whose real brief life and identity is virtually lost in the sensationalism.


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Taken on October 31, 2008