Robert Jonas
Born in New York on 25 august 1907. Attended the Fawcett Art School in Newark, New Jersey. In his early days he met Dutch painter Willem de Kooning. In the frienship that followed, he met and became associated with the avantgarde artists who were later to become the core of the "Abstract-Expressionist" movement.Early in 1945 Jonas was interviewed by Kurt Enoch, vice-president of the American branch of Penguin Books. Soon after, he did his first paperback cover, for penguin 560 (Murder in Fiji), which was released in July of 1945, Further 1945 covers for Penguin included numbers 563 (Appointment in Samarra), 567 (Trouble in July) and 569 (Conceived in Liberty); he also was assigned some covers for Superior Reprints, such as number M654 (On Ice) In 1949 James Avati began doing paperback work; soon Jonas was asked to begin delivering realistic covers for Western and other types of books. Jonas himself, feeling that this was not his métier but under the pressure of making a living, made an indifferent try with some titles and, rather than associating himself with them, adopted the nom-de-plume "Rob-Jon". He continued providing covers for Mentor Books through around 1955, and also worked for Pocket Books and Perma. Of all his cover desighns, his personal favorite is Penguin 596 (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) He later turned from paperback to hardcover work. His colleague James Avati, has this to say about Robert Jonas: "Excellent. His covers where very simple, technically speaking, but they had an enormous psychological power"

[Source The Book of Paperbacks by Piet Schreuders]
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