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    Kalimba built into a bellows camera housing.
    Part of the search for the ultimate portable thumb piano.

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    1. ndouvid 113 months ago | reply

      such a great way to combine two of my obsessions!!

    2. ndouvid 113 months ago | reply

      is it electric?

    3. yapruder 113 months ago | reply

      Yes, you can sort of see the wire in the photo. Due to space constraints it is wired with a 1/8th jack.

    4. osbock 107 months ago | reply


    5. marklarson 105 months ago | reply

      That's fantastic. This whole collection is a reminder that I need to make one (or two or more...).

    6. pheezy 104 months ago | reply

      This is fantastic. Do you happen to sell any of your work?

    7. yapruder 104 months ago | reply

      Yes, I sell work and I also do commissions.

    8. kevinshands 42 months ago | reply

      Do you make them that you can tune on the fly like a pedal harp?

    9. yapruder 42 months ago | reply

      I've made some with whammy bars but they really only change the tuning about a half step.
      To alter the tuning with pedals would require a complicated system of springs and levers to keep enough pressure on the tines.
      An easier method would be using pre-tuned grounding bar modules that could be quickly snapped onto or off the instrument body. See the Instant Kalimba set for grounding bar concept.

    10. kevinshands 42 months ago | reply

      Cool! I've been fooling around with these things for a while but when I found your site, I was amazed. You are way ahead of me.

      Lately I've been thinking of squeezing lots of tines close together and using a harpsichord type mechanism to pluck them. The thing would only have eight keys, one for each finger with one thumb to slide the mechanism up and down the comb. The big advantage of this is that you would only need to learn a tune, arpeggio or whatnot one time and then be able to play it in any key using the same keystrokes.
      You could also pluck more than one tine at a time controlling that with the other thumb. It would be like pulling the stops on an organ only better because you could do it instantly as you play.

    11. yapruder 42 months ago | reply

      In terms of plucking mechanism, it seems like an old style manual typewriter ought to be able to be adapted as a lamellaphone, either plucking or striking tines.
      I have seen attempts, but have yet to see a successful functionally musical rendering.

    12. kevinshands 42 months ago | reply

      Interesting idea. I happen to have a Remington Standard from the 1920's.

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