• The old box office window
  • Where I'm guessing movie posters used to be displayed

The old Alameda Theatre

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3000 N.E. Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

"The Alameda Theatre, located at 3000 NE Alberta Street, opened its doors to the public in 1927. Renamed in 1937 and 1964, it became the 30th Avenue Cinema then Cine 30. In 1969 the theater returned to its original name. After 51 years of service, the theater closed in 1978. The Alameda is one of a handful of motion picture houses that have been converted into churches. The building was home first to the Macedonia Church of God and later to the Victory Outreach Church , its current occupant. The exterior still looks much as it did 74 years ago, with its distinctive Mediterranean clay tile roof and stucco walls. The marquee was removed years ago, but painted-over movie poster boards at the corner entrance summon up the once busy theater."
The Oregon Historical Societies' "Meet Me at the Movies" exhibit

"Naming timeframes:
1927 - Alameda
1937 - 30th Avenue Cinema
1964 - Cine 30
1969 - Alameda
1978 - closed"

"I saw IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE at the 30th Avenue Theater in Portland, Oregon, in about 1961 or '62-- nearly a decade after its initial release. In a semi-residential, semi-commercial area at the corner of 30th Avenue and Alberta Street, it's now god-knows-what, but it sure isn't a theater. In its heyday, even for a small house, it had some of the trappings of a mini-palace: faux opera boxes too small for anything but Munchkins, and a dark, star-filled ceiling. I'm sure they got their stuff at a bargain rate, but, oh, boy, WHAT a bargain for 25 cents! 3, somtimes 4 movies for a quarter on Saturdays or Sundays, plus cartoons and maybe a 3 Stooges short and a chapter from one of the lamer latter-day Columbia serials."
—http://p075.ezboard.com/fmonsterkidclassichorrorforumfrm10.showP revMessage?topicID=216.topic

"Portland Railway Co. initated the Alberta Line (1903-1949), running from a downtown loop of 2nd-Morrison-3rd-Washington out to its terminus at N.E. Alberta and 25th. By 1909, the line had been extended in spurts to N.E. 30th at Ainsworth.
Converted to bus in 1949."
—The D. D. TINZEROES blog, tinzeroes.blogspot.com/search?q=Alberta+Line.

  1. skomra 100 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the info. Please consider adding this to the Northeast Portland Group. Thanks!

  2. dsdportland 76 months ago | reply

    Would love to see some historic shots of this building. Any leads?

  3. jackonflickr 76 months ago | reply

    You can see an old photo of the location here.

    If you want to see more photos, you might take a trip down to the Oregon Historical Society (although I think you need to be a member to look through their materials—but they do have a $20 student membership I believe)

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