Miracle on the Hudson Thank You Luncheon 7/28/09
U.S. Airways Flight 1549 passengers Dave Sanderson and Barry Leonard organized and sponsored a very special thank you luncheon and press conference to recognize emergency responders in North Hudson County, New Jersey, who played a vital role during the 'Miracle on the Hudson.' The press conference luncheon was held on Palisades Medical Center's outdoor patio, which is located directly on the Hudson River waterfront and less than one mile north of where the Flight 1549 made its water landing on January 15, 2009. Mr. Sanderson and Mr. Leonard enjoyed spending time with representatives from Palisades Medical Center, New York Waterway, American Red Cross, Guttenberg Police Department, North Bergen Emergency Medical Services, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue, Union City Emergency Medical Services, Weehawken Police Department, Weehawken Volunteer First Aid, West New York Emergency Medical Services, and several other service organizations.
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