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Most beautiful classic SLR ever

Linhof Kardan Standard / Schneider Symmar / Forte Polywarmtone direct paper shot


Cute, innit? Well, this one has seen better times, but it's not really in a bad shape. A little brassing here and there, some peeling on the glossy paint... but anything serious. All in all, I got it for a mere 50 bucks at evilbay, from a Russian seller. This time Russian roulette has not been all that bad for me. I lke very much the Industar 22 that came with the body, which has no 'ear' lever. I found this curious because I thought that they only made them with the lever. Mine is a red 'P' also, which means that the quality of the coating is the best the Russians had at the moment. Or so I've been told... It's not that I'm going to shoot with the I22 too much, because I bought a nickel Helios 44 in like new condition that operates sooooo smoothly. I really love it. Period.

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Taken on February 11, 2012