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Chasing James Cameron | by magic_fella
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Chasing James Cameron

Something was bugging my ordinarily REASONABLY even tempered wife. I had no idea what it was. I mentally went through the list of things I've been known to mess up: Taking out the garbage (Check), digging out the daily treasures from our cat's litter box (Yuck...Check), just shush.


I couldn't figure it out. But she was distracted and crabby and her face was taking on hard lines. Given that I was not aware of having messed anything up recently, I concluded there was some internal struggle going on. And when Sheree struggles with something internally, you need to tread very carefully...but you DO need to tread.


"So?" I ask --always a classic opening.


"So what?" she says. Flint slides against stone in those blue eyes.


"What are you thinking about?" I ask.


She pauses a minute. I can tell she's deciding whether to be nasty or informative. I realize the world is still safe when she chooses "informative."


"James Cameron is in town," Sheree tells me.


"Yes," I reply. "And?"


She bites her lip. Then she looks up at me. "I'm going to give him Martha's Vine," she says.


In case you have been living in a cave, Sheree's published her first novel, Martha's Vine. It's an apocalyptic thriller. I start sifting through the meager information I actually know about James Cameron. Lessee...his movies (Titanic, Avatar, True Lies, The Terminator etc) have grossed over 6 billion bucks. He's noted for having a quick temper. Just today he's been crowned the most powerful man in Hollywood. (Steven Spielberg is #2...)


Of course Sheree's going to hand him her book. Of course she is. Why does that make me want to sigh, I wonder.


Sheree's planning a glorious adventure. My mind goes in a completely opposite direction. I start thinking about everything that can go wrong. How is she gonna get close to him? Is she gonna get arrested? Are people going to think she's nuts?


I am wincing as these sunshine thoughts wash over me. I voice a couple of them and see my wife's eyes harden a little. I am thinking she was looking for something positive from me and I am reminding her of the many things that can go wrong. She knows it can go wrong. But that wasn't what she was looking for. My negative response has let her down. I see it in her eyes. I hate that feeling.


"I'm going to put my book into James Cameron's hands," she says. "I don't know how I am going to do it. But I am."


I nod and try not to shuffle uncertainly. James FREAKING Cameron? I force a smile. But we both know I am forcing a smile and it falls like a whining kitten between us. And I hate that feeling too. Guys are supposed to ROAR not mewl...


I had a meeting that night. But I kept thinking about Sheree and Cameron. I kept thinking about how hard she has been working to get Martha's Vine sold. I texted her midway through the meeting telling her that I was ABSOLUTELY going with her the next day...that I was completely with her no matter what and that I would do whatever I could do to help her make this thing happen.


I decide I am in...regardless of what happens. (I feel just a little like Samwise Gamgee at that second, which is okay because I'd rather be Sam than the aforementioned mewling kitten. But James CAMERON? Holy crap!)


I wait. No reply to my text...sigh.

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Taken on September 29, 2010