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Meeting Sonny Barger at Pee Wee's House | by magic_fella
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Meeting Sonny Barger at Pee Wee's House

"I'm going to interview Sonny Barger," says Sheree. I am concentrating on something else and I make a polite "Uh huh" noise.


She taps my arm. "When we're in Sturgis. I'm going to interview Sonny Barger -- for my book."


That gets my attention. I remember seeing Barger on television: a special about the Hell's Angels. If the Angels have a King, I'm thinking it's Barger.


"You're going to do what?" I ask. I have instant visions of back alleys and large nasty bikers looming over me. I don't really know anything about bikers...but I DO know that Barger is the Real Deal...and lots of the Hell's Angels think he's the King. So he is.


"You're going to WHAT?" I ask. Again. My voice squeaks just a little.


Exasperation flickers across her face. (I see that a lot.) She tells me she's written to Barger's lawyer, explaining that she wants to interview him. Then she tells me Barger's lawyer has written back saying it's okay with him...and we can meet Sonny at "the Shop."


"What shop?" I ask. It's a stupid question, I know. But cut me some slack. I was grabbing here.


She shrugs. "I dunno."


"How will we find it?" I ask.


"We'll find it," she says. "We're going."


I sigh. Over years of married life, I have cultivated the ability to sigh with great eloquence.


"Are you scared?" she asks.


I sputter. I consider it and then decide to tell the truth. "Of course I'm scared. Are you nuts? These are HELL'S FREAKING ANGELS. Don't you watch television? These guys know seven different ways to kill you using only their eyelashes."


She just looks at me.


In that instant I know for certain that when we get to Sturgis that we WILL be sitting down for an interview with Sonny Barger, the man Rolling Stone magazine describes as "the baddest man on two wheels."


And I was right.

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Taken on August 10, 2010