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The Reluctant Kid Model | by magic_fella
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The Reluctant Kid Model

Fashion shows with kids are delightful to me. I was at one (a fashion show) over the weekend.


Local stores were showing their clothes off using a combination of models and "plain folks."


There was a boy of maybe five, wearing a ball cap that the fashionista (the person running the show) kept wanting to turn around on his head so it was backward. Kid was having none of it. He'd take the hat and put it on right.


The fashionista, understandably exasperated by now, decided to live with it, then gestured to a scooter the boy was supposed to ride.


The kid silently surveys the crowd, crosses his arms and shakes his head.


The fashionista insists.


The boy sits down, arms crossed even tighter and glares at the runway floor.


The commentator is trying to fill the silence, the crowd is laughing and clapping and the kid is ignoring everyone.


Eventually the fashionista gives up, takes the scooter off the stage and the kid stands up, makes perfect eye contact with the fashion show coordinator, just to show them who's boss, and stalks down the runway. The ground shakes with each step.


None of the pictures of this really turned out well. How sad.


This little girl was modeling clothes as well. Her face was a bright red and she walked down the runway and back as quickly as humanly possible.


Poor kid was flushed and nervous -- but she was quite delicate in her way as well. I found her utterly charming. She made the one walk down the runway...and never appeared again. Consider yourselves blessed, for you have seen that rarest of creatures: the Reluctant Kid Model.

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Taken on July 12, 2009