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Undead Bloodsucking Orchids from Outer Space: The Conclusion of the Case | by magic_fella
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Undead Bloodsucking Orchids from Outer Space: The Conclusion of the Case

Watson lay perhaps fifty feet away me, an inert mass of doomed sidekick flesh as the orchid closed upon him with murder painted on it's floral face.


"Watson!" I cried. "Awaken! The monster is upon you!"


He stirred and looked at me through glassy eyes.


"Ah, Holmes," he said, rubbing fists into his eyes in the manner of a sleepy child. "I have just had the most unsettling dream. I was--"


The orchid was mere feet from my friend now.


"The monster, Watson," I cried..


"There were these awful flowers..." he began.


It was at that second the orchid screamed a war cry that could well have shattered crystal. Watson looked up, eyes wide with terror as he saw doom descending upon him. He promptly fainted again.


Damn the man, thought I.


But it was then that I remembered I had been a champion hedge clipper tosser in university. How could I have forgotten this? I asked myself.


The orchid was a few inches from Watson. I tested the wind with an extended index finger. Then -- with a mighty grunt -- I tossed the clippers at the murderous flower and watched as they passed through the fabric of it's petals.


But something else happened: from behind me came a bolt of lightning, which sizzled through the air and ignited the orchid.


Spinning around, I saw my old nemesis, Moriarty there, brandishing a lightning rifle, a nefarious invention of his own evil genius.


"Down Holmes," cried he as he pulled the trigger again. "It is my world to save as well!"


I lunged forward. Too slow! As Moriarity fired again, a tongue of electricity touched me and I felt myself break into a thousand pieces, flying through the air and into the dying flower.


I heard Moriarity cry out just as all about me slid out of focus...and into deep darkness. In a strange way, the flower and I...indeed the very fabric of the universe, and I were all one.


And, as I slid into a place that was neither life nor death...consciousness or a fragmented senses made me aware of only one more thing.


I smelled very very good.



This series is dedicated to my flicker friend, Rich who was probably wondering how I was going to work Moriarity into the story. You can find Rich's Photostream here: I look forward to meeting you and Gill in a few days , M. (I think Gill will have to be "Milverton" -- which is the most female name of all of H's foes) Then...the game shall truly be afoot. (Or at least a big toe)

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Taken on April 7, 2009