Proclaim your love elsewhere....

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...please leave these monuments alone!

Shettihalli, Hassan District

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  1. Anoop Negi ages ago | reply

    These guys really had tough teachers and now forever they write their epistle of Love on every wall they see barring their own houses, I guess.

    An enduring ode to their calligraphic skills

  2. Vanajai ages ago | reply

    A poignant message pointedly nailed down , Archana !
    Let them proclaim from their own rooftops and walls !!

  3. Gata Púrpura ॐ ages ago | reply

    Fantastic shot and lovely message!

  4. nairvee ages ago | reply

    Neat composition! reminds me of a pic I shot in Munnar- the graffitti i meant. Will upload it sometime soon. And Its a pity there is no sense of sanctity whatsoever, its really off-putting. Superb capture!

  5. stupendous riddle [deleted] ages ago | reply

    very true, a great message and a lovely capture archana

  6. singh.rashmi ages ago | reply

    Beautiful composition. I love the colors

    I agree with you Archana.
    These acts are really disappointing.

  7. Amit Basu ages ago | reply

    Perhaps a few thousand years later, archaeologists will wonder about the profound meaning of these writings from a long lost civilization. :-) But, for the time, I agree that these are absolute eyesores!

  8. Archer Ztudios ages ago | reply

    here we can see Outdoor Archana :) ...
    lovely series...

  9. Swami Stream ages ago | reply

    I agree and I hate these when I see them on monuments

  10. stjernesol ages ago | reply

    hmmm... totally agree... they should not do that...

    But great capture, as always my friend :)))

  11. Amir Mukhtar Mughal | ages ago | reply

    very very creative............lovely captured.

  12. Sadi_M ages ago | reply

    i love the framing!

  13. ayashok photography ages ago | reply

    excellent compo and neat one Arch!

  14. invincible books [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Excellent w/ a powerful message.

  15. காவியம் Kaaviyam Photography ages ago | reply

    Beautiful composition with great message!!

  16. mOnazzilla ages ago | reply

    beautifully done . it :)

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  17. Dilip Muralidaran ages ago | reply

    i so agree, lovely a place...

  18. Gunjan verma ages ago | reply

    gorgeous frmae..sad to see the grafitti though!!

  19. rutchee ages ago | reply

    very true..
    nice framing by the way

  20. Chitra Aiyer ages ago | reply

    Very sad!

    Nicely composed image.

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